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Portfolio Stress Testing: Staying Ahead of Economic Downturns

When financial institutions were granted relief from some of the more arduous Dodd-Frank requirements in the 2018 Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act, Dave Koch, Managing Director of Advisory Services warned that prudent stress testing shouldn’t go away. Now, amid the coronavirus pandemic, the need for – and prudence of – proper stress tests to understand the risks ahead is especially critical for financial institutions.

The overall increased level of capital is a great benefit to many institutions currently, as the brunt of the COVID-19 storm has not yet hit. However, future loan loss concerns should be a top consideration. Higher levels of deposits and a low interest rate environment reveal why simple loan portfolio stress testing is not enough. More than ever, financial institutions must be proactive in managing their financial results, improving profitability, and controlling volatility.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • Why stress testing should look at the greater operating environment
  • How stress testing benefits financial institutions amid economic crises
  • Ways to implement a broader stress testing program to improve overall Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)