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DiCOM Software is now part of Abrigo, giving you a single source to Manage Risk and Drive Growth. Make yourself at home – we hope you enjoy your new web experience.

Financial Crime Solutions to Better Protect You and Account-Holders

BSA/AML & Fraud Prevention Software

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Financial Crime Solutions

Ensure financial crime compliance with leading AML solutions and fraud prevention software.

BSA/AML Fraud programs

Confidence in your BSA/AML programs
and financial crime risk management.

Your Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) program and fraud prevention efforts are only as good as the tools you use. BAM+ provides transparency into your AML efforts to better protect your institution and have confidence going into an exam.  No two institutions are the same, and our products are tailored to fit your unique risk profile, meaning fewer false positives and a better handle on potentially suspicious activity.

BSA/AML Fraud Prevention Software

Connected financial crime software for your compliance team.

Abrigo's suite of financial crime compliance tools integrate to give you more resources to focus on truly suspicious activity. Our software utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to create smarter alerts, reducing false positives and allowing you to focus your time where it matters most. 

Anti-Money Laundering

Your financial institution and risk profile are unique, and you deserve an anti-money laundering software that fits your needs. BAM+ adjusts to better detect, manage, and resolve suspicious financial activity. Don’t settle for out of the box.

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Fraud Detection

Our software alerts you to potential fraud and provides a central case management system to resolve alerts quickly. Identify, detect, and stop fraud more accurately and efficiently to protect your institution and customers or members from bad actors.

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"When it comes down to it, it's good software, it's good people, it's the whole package."
Ryne Cornacchia, Manager of Risk Services

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Advantages of Abrigo's AML Solutions and Fraud Prevention Software

Financial crime solutions with strong data and industry experience.

Preventing financial crime is a serious task, which is why our anti-money laundering software is supported by former bankers, BSA Officers, and regulators. We also use industry data to ensure that our solutions are working overtime to protect both your institution and your customers/members from financial crime.  

BSA/AML Team of Experts  

Over 250 years of combined BSA/AML expertise 

Fighting financial crime requires constant attention, and sometimes you need extra resources to stay on top of it all. That’s where we come in. Whether you need help preparing for your next exam, going through a data integrity review, or just a temporary BSA Officer to work through alerts, we can help.

Superior Data Management 

Top-tier reporting and data insights 

Financial institutions don't always have the resources to understand all their dataAbrigo’s financial crimes solutions allow users to take a deep dive into that data, pull impactful reports for management, and make data-driven decisions about how to optimize programs and staffing.

"To be successful in my role, I need robust makes life much easier when we can work smarter – not harder – with BAM+. BAM+ is the future of BSA/AML software."

Mike Foster, Dickinson Financial Corporation

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Integrated Systems with Abrigo

Software Partnership For Success

Stronger Together

Abrigo partners with organizations like Mitek, Q6 Cyber, and NominoData to help financial institutions catch fraud before it happens and better understand their clientele. These collaborations and integrations into the Abrigo suite of products mean institutions can better identify, resolve, and prevent financial crime. 

Q6 Cyber

Harness the dark web to prevent fraud before it happens with debit/credit cards, account takeovers, compromised employee credentials, and more. Learn More >


Access enhanced scan lists, provided by Nomino Data through Abrigo, to support a robust sanctions screening program and keep your customers and financial institution safe.

Resources on BSA/AML Fraud Prevention

Hosted vs. On-Premise Solutions

Blog on Innovation and Institution Efficiency

Financial institutions generally are moving away from self-managed, on-premise technology and are finding hosted solutions that provide the security and scalability they need. Ensure peace of mind for your BSA program. Which solution is right for your institution?

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Abrigo Document

Banking CRBs

Checklist on CRB Compliance

As more states across the country legalize cannabis, more institutions need guidance on how to bank cannabis-related businesses while staying compliant. This checklist brings essential concepts into a quick view to ensure your BSA/AML program is fully prepared to handle this change successfully.

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Abrigo Infographic

Artificial Intelligence in BSA

Infographic on AI/ML

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are major buzzwords in the BSA/AML industry, but many people are still unclear as to how they work and how they will impact their BSA programs. This infographic explains what AI/ML do, how they can help your BSA/AML program, and how they may affect compliance.

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