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Detect and investigate fraud

Fraud Scenarios

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Combat fraud

Abrigo provides a wide range of fraud scenarios that allow banks and credit unions to detect, investigate, and escalate fraudulent activity within their customer base. These scenarios can help protect your institution and your customers from fraud across a variety of transaction types.

Abrigo Fraud Scenarios

  • Customize fraud scenarios to match your institution’s risk tolerance

  • Identify fraudulent transaction types, common fraud types, and how much your institution lost, prevented, and recovered with customizable reports

  • Generate alerts based on behavioral anomalies and other factors, taking a layered detection approach that provides comprehensive coverage

  • Improve management of fraud investigations by tracking and recording all actions in one location with enterprise case management

Fraud scenarios available from Abrigo cover multiple transaction types, including: 

Check Kiting

Check Deposit

Debit Card

ACH Incoming

ACH Origination

New Account