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Endorsed by the American Banker's Association as CECL software solutions.

Sageworks ALLL

Gain flexibility with templated expected-loss rate methodologies. Make it easy for you to quickly try different segmentation elections with different models to estimate the impact on the allowance and capital and to achieve the calculation that’s most reflective of loss. Sageworks ALLL also includes embedded data sources to help institutions with low to no loss history build defensible documentation.  

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MST Loan Loss Analyzer

Access a more customizable platform for CECL automation. Institutions can manage loan portfolio risk through a rich and multifaceted solution tailored specifically for them and their reporting requirements. The LLA accommodates unique client methodologies and processes while offering the controls necessary for compliance with U.S. GAAP. 

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Prior to automating our calculation, we had numerous spreadsheets with multiple tabs. It would take me three to four weeks to do the calculation and board members had difficulty understanding it. With Sageworks ALLL, it takes me about two days to do the calculation.
More financial institutions trust Abrigo

Abrigo supports more institutions than any other CECL or allowance vendor, offering a variety of robust loss-rate models while delivering significant time savings over spreadsheet-based calculations.

Gain Efficiency

Save time on the calculation and documentation each month or quarter


Build a defensible and documented calculation that stands up to auditor and examiner scrutiny

Plan and Test

Leverage scenario planning to determine the best CECL model for the institution

Leverage Data

Harness allowance data for other portfolio management insights, including board reporting

Additional Data

Use peer benchmarks and economic forecasting data to substitute for low-loss historical data

Controls and Process

Build an allowance calculation that's succession-proof for your institution

CECL-compliant calculations that you don't have to second guess?
Now that's big.
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We often say around here that MST Loan Loss Analyzer changed our lives. Before our reserve process was very manual and stressful and involved lots of going back and forth between several departments. It would take us two days each month-end to complete the calculation and we would spend several other days compiling disclosure reports. After implementation of the Loan Loss Analyzer, the whole process runs like a well-oiled machine. Now that’s big.

Bank Independent Conquers CECL Compliance

This Alabama bank sought an ALLL software to increase their efficiency in the department and their readiness for CECL. With Sageworks ALLL, the bank was able to cut calculation time from a week to two days and feel prepared for the expected loss model.

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United Bank Gets More from MST Loan Loss Analyzer

Nathan Kelley, VP Credit Risk and Reporting, shares his experience with the MST Loan Loss Analyzer. He says, “If you are looking for a true partnership to implement an automated allowance software, Abrigo is the way to go. With the complexity and high scrutiny that lenders face, you need a team approach with experts on the allowance.”

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