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Valuant is now Abrigo, giving you a single source to Manage Risk and Drive Growth

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Looking for DiCOM? You are in the right place!

DiCOM Software is now part of Abrigo, giving you a single source to Manage Risk and Drive Growth. Make yourself at home – we hope you enjoy your new web experience.

Amarillo National Bank transforms workflows and risk management with Abrigo’s DiCOM loan review software

Scalable software for a unique organization

Amarillo National Bank has been family-owned and operated since its inception in 1892, even as its assets approach $10 billion. Like many community banks, a “mom-and-pop” operation style and personal customer relationships are a core part of the bank’s identity. But with corporate headquarters in Amarillo and branches in Austin, College Station, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Lubbock, Amarillo National Bank (ANB) covers a large territory and needs scalable solutions for growth.

When Vice President of Loan Review Britni Hernandez joined ANB in a merger with Lubbock National Bank, it became clear that the newly expanded loan department needed software to function more efficiently. Tracking loan activities and assessing risks became increasingly complex after the merger. Hernandez and her team knew that the database ANB employed at its headquarters was prone to errors and outright crashes. The database simply wasn’t fast enough to work across locations. With employees spread out across three regions, the bank knew it needed software that allowed team members to track their work in one place simultaneously.

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“The flexible reports and customized
have been crucial for us. We
can slice and dice the portfolio in a way
we couldn’t before. If you really utilize
the user-defined fields, you can make
DiCOM do anything you want by
filtering beyond the standard filters.”
Britni Hernandez, VP of Loan Review, Amarillo National Bank

Why Abrigo?

ANB has transformed its loan review and risk management processes by implementing DiCOM loan review software. Before, ANB had to manually analyze data. Now, they have unprecedented access to crucial data from their core system.

ANB can pull data using various user-specific and user-defined codes, a capability they previously lacked. This newfound ability allows them to efficiently identify concentration risks, extract guarantor-dependent loans, and address key examination points.

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Results that set ANB apart from the competition

Perhaps the most significant change since moving to DiCOM has been an improvement in ANB’s penetration levels. ANB knew that most banks their size stayed in the 35-45% range and they were typically satisfied with averaging 50% of the portfolio. Before DiCOM, the bank averaged 48% penetration. Today, their rolling 12-month penetration average is 68%.

“It’s a huge success. We do our own financial spreads with DICOM templates, and we saw a 20% improvement [in penetration average]. Looking at smaller loans, streamlining, and maintaining penetration were our goals, and we were not disappointed at all.”
Britni Hernandez, VP of Loan Review, Amarillo National Bank

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