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United Bank | Finding the Right Fit

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The Challenge: Finding the Right Fit for an Allowance Partner

When United Bank, Hartford, CT, set out to find a solution for automating their allowance they reached out to multiple software solutions. Nathan Kelley, SVP Credit Risk & Reporting, says, “When we started looking it became apparent that we wanted a partner with a focus on the allowance. We knew big changes were coming [CECL], so the specific focus on the allowance was a must.”

If you are looking for a true partnership to implement an automated allowance software, Abrigo is the way to go. With the complexity and high scrutiny that financial institutions face, it is imperative to have a team approach with experts on the allowance.

The Solution: MST Loan Loss Analyzer and the Abrigo Team

United Bank chose the MST Loan Loss Analyzer back in 2015 because of the dedication and focus on the allowance, but what they say they've found during the partnership is that "the people at Abrigo make all of the difference. Abrigo hires talent.  They have an incredible depth of understanding and practical knowledge of the allowance now under the incurred loss model and what it will be under the current expected loss model."

The Result: A Confident Chief Risk Officer with a Team of Allowance Experts

Even outside of the transition to CECL, United Bank has a complex allowance that is always changing. They have new loan products, new GLs, acquisitions, so the flexibility of the system and the constant Abrigo support is invaluable.

Partner with a Team of Allowance Experts

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