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20 Minute AML Investigation

Are You Spending Your Time Wisely?



Credits Awarded: 1 CAMS, 1.25 CRCM, 1.25 CAFP

Although AML investigators seek a level of certainty, what is a realistic goal? By reviewing the nexuses to a number of unusual money laundering schemes, this presentation will help you appraise whether you are using investigative resources effectively.

Through a detective’s training concept, this webinar will examine productive and non-productive investigative practices in AML. It will help you analyze the efficient use of your limited investigative resources. Once you’ve passed ‘suspicious,’ where should your investigation go and how should you go there? When is it prudent, or not, to take extraordinary investigative steps? Perhaps a 20 Minute AML Investigation can save you hours of frustration…





Meet Your Presenter 


Steve Gurdak, CAMS
Supervisory Analyst, 
Northern Virginia Financial Initiative
Washington Baltimore HIDTA

Steve Gurdak is the group supervisor of Washington Baltimore HIDTA’s NVFI. He helped found and establish this initiative as a national model for the use of Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) information, to include SARs, in the initiation of investigations. Steve has over 30 years of police experience with an impressive list of awards and commendations. He has specialized in money laundering investigations since 1995, retiring from the Alexandria Police in 2010 to continue supervision of the initiative through the Washington Baltimore HIDTA. Steve regularly trains new detectives in general investigative skills for the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy (NVCJA) as part of the “New Detectives” course he helped design. He has also written a number of articles on money laundering for ACAMS Today Magazine.  

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