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A BSA officer’s mindset – A comprehensive look at your AML/CFT program

While you have seasoned experience in the BSA field, it’s important to evaluate your best practices on a more advanced scale. Building a strong AML/CFT program is just the start – hear from Abrigo’s Client Education team about furthering your BSA skillset with SARs, and what to be conscious of in the next year. 


  • What law enforcement is looking for  
  • FinCEN regulations and what that means for you 
  • Best practices for furthering your BSA skillset to a leadership level  

Meet Your Presenter

Hannakah Rubin, CAMS

Client Development Specialist
Hannakah Rubin is a Client Development Specialist with Abrigo and has 23+ years’ experience working in financial institutions with 15+ years in internal auditing, as a BSA officer, and in the AML/CFT software industry. While at Abrigo, Hannakah has served in an advisory capacity, implementing risk-based calibrations for financial institutions,

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