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BSA Staffing Assessments – How Much is Enough?

Proper BSA staffing assessments and models are pivotal for the strength of your BSA/AML program and your financial institution as a whole. Hear from industry experts with over 25 years of combined experience walk through how and when to conduct BSA staffing assessments in 2020. In this session, we cover how to determine the right size of your team, how software may affect your size, and how to effectively present your results to leadership.

Watch to learn:

  • The Cost Center myth – why it’s a myth and how to refute it
  • How to compile the necessary data
  • Pitching your case – how can I turn data into action?
  • What you’ll need to gain board/leadership support

This session is eligible for 1.25 hours CRCM and CAFP

Meet Your Presenters

Andres Tapia, CAMS, GAMS, CFE

Director, Advisory Services
Andres Tapia,  CAMS, GAMS, CFE, brings 15 years of financial service experience working with community banks ranging in asset size from $1 billion in assets to large regional banks of up to $125 billion in assets. Andres has managed retail and compliance teams and has gained experience in retail banking,

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Josh Hawkins, CAMS

Director, Financial Crimes Investigations
Joshua Hawkins brings over a decade of experience within the financial services industry to Abrigo, starting his banking career in retirement services and eventually moving to the financial intelligence unit of Santander Bank. There he was responsible for AML investigations, SAR filing, customer risk rating, high-risk customer surveillance, enhanced due

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