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CECL Webinar: Data Quality

Methods for collecting adequate data in preparation for CECL

FASB’s guidance for estimating expected credit losses is not prescriptive and, therefore, examiners are not asking exactly how you plan to calculate your reserve under CECL today. However, due to the shift from an incurred to expected loss model, banks need to be working on loan-level data collection now as a first step toward being compliant under future GAAP.

Sageworks covers how community banks can improve data quality, assure data adequacy and take the step towards data validation and modeling.

Watch to learn:

  • Data collection options
  • Suggested data fields for community banks
  • Advantages and disadvantages of getting started today



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Garver Moore

Managing Director, Advisory Services
Garver Moore brings a decade of enterprise software, analytic, and advisory experience to Abrigo’s advisory team. Prior to joining Abrigo, Garver was  a Technical Consultant with Accenture, and he later worked with C-suite executives on technology strategy and delivery as a Managing Partner of the Orange Advisory Group. Today, as

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