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Conquering CECL model validation: Prepare for success

Tuesday, September 19, 2023
2:00 PM ET / 1:00 PM CT

Join an insightful webinar to prepare for and understand the critical aspects of a CECL model validation. This webinar will help financial professionals, model owners, risk managers, and auditors enhance their understanding of the Current Expected Credit Loss model validation process and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Experts from Crowe and Abrigo will share valuable insights, best practices, and practical tips for navigating the complexities of CECL model validation effectively. 

Key learning objectives:

  • Understand the regulatory expectations and guidelines surrounding CECL model validation.
  • Explain the model validation framework and identify the key strategies and components of validating a CECL model, particularly for the discounted cash flow approach.
  • Learn how to prepare for an upcoming model validation and understand what key activities to complete prior to kick-off with your validator.

Meet Your Presenters

Neekis Hammond, CPA

Vice President, Advisory Services
Neekis Hammond has amassed a wealth of knowledge on ALLL, CECL preparation and methodologies, and various portfolio analysis and risk topics. Prior to his consulting work, he worked on acquisitions up to $2 billion in size at a multi-billion-dollar financial institution.

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Ana Vrhel

Senior Manager
Ana Vrhel is a senior manager in Crowe’s Credit Solutions Consulting practice, providing regulatory compliance assistance to the financial services industry.  For the past seven years, she has provided allowance, stress testing, scorecard, discounted cash flow, and other credit model validation services for banks and credit unions of various asset

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