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Create and Maintain a Successful Loan Review Function at Your Credit Union

As more credit unions look for growth and improved interest income, member business lending (MBL) appears to be the “engine” of choice for institutions. However, credit unions must ensure the “brakes and suspension” match the “engine” being installed. Credit unions have traditionally focused on consumer loans, as such, many credit departments (loan admins and analysts) lack the skills and experience needed to match up against tenured former bankers. A strong loan review process levels the playing field and provides senior management with independent evidence that the “engine” and “brakes” match.
In this engaging and timely learning experience, Ancin Cooley, Principal with Synergy Credit Union Consulting and creator of the Comprehensive Credit Union Online Board Course, will provide you with a solid understanding of how strong credit risk management complements your strategic goals.
You will learn: 

  • The need for strong MBL audit practices
  • The DNA of a strong reviewer
  • 3 reasons loan review is your credit union’s competitive advantage

Create and Maintain a Successful Loan Review Function at Your Credit Union

Meet Your Presenter

Ancin Cooley, CIA, CISA

Ancin Cooley, CIA CISA, is the Founder and Principal of Synergy Credit Union Consulting, Inc. and Synergy Bank Consulting, Inc. Synergy helps financial intuitions grow and thrive by helping them manage risk and increase profits.  Synergy accomplishes this through a suite of services including Director training, strategic planning, enterprise risk management,

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