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Enterprise Risk Management

Failing to institute a strong risk management structure is considered unsafe and unsound conduct in the business of banking. Because of this, risk management is often the main focus of your examiners. Yet, one size does not fit all – while the basic requirements are the same, examiners expect more detail for larger, more complex institutions. In this webinar, learn what examiners are looking for within your institution to demonstrate strong risk management practices throughout the enterprise. Discover how to ensure your enterprise risk management structure is evolving and growing to manage risk and drive growth at your institution.

In this webinar, Jessica Caballero, CERP, CRCM, discusses:

  • What makes a strong enterprise risk management program and what required elements must be in place.
  • What key management information systems are key to mitigating certain risks.
  • What quality indicators examiners quickly notice that may heavily drive your RAS ratings.