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How to manage a high-performing construction loan portfolio

Construction lenders know that efficiency is key to profitable loans in a changing-rate environment.

But with construction loans considered one of the riskier loan types in a financial institution’s portfolio, lenders also know they need meticulous tracking to fund draw requests accurately and mitigate risk.

In this webinar, learn best practices of construction loan management that increase draw income, lower risk, and enhance borrower retention.


You will learn:

  • Current market influences on construction lending
  • Ways to incorporate more efficiency into construction loan administration
  • Innovative approaches to increase draw income and lending accuracy
  • How to mitigate risk and protect your institution with a detailed audit trail


Meet your presenter

Matt Johnner

Matt Johnner is a board member of Encore Bank, as well as involved in several community banks. Matt has become an expert in leading financial innovations and forward thinking banking procedures and processes. After graduating from Texas A&M, Matt spent time as a software engineer. Today, he is president of BankLabs, a partner to community oriented banks looking to differentiate themselves in the digital lending space.