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Loan Modifications and Workouts: Best Practices for Managing the Process in 2020 and Beyond

In a recent Abrigo survey, nearly three-fourths of community financial institution C-suite employees expressed concern about the increased volume of loan workouts they would have to manage due to the  impact of COVID-19. Given the rarity of adverse loans for most institutions over the last decade, it is no surprise the most common reason given for concern over loan workouts is inadequate staffing to handle the increased workload.

In this webinar, we will explore current trends across the country for loan workouts and modifications, the overall outlook, and best practices to manage the process at your institution.

Join to learn:

  • Key warning signs of struggling loans and how to take action
  • How to develop and maintain a successful workout process
  • What factors and data points should be included in the overall analysis for potential modification

Meet Your Presenters

Regan Camp

Vice President, Advisory Services
Regan Camp is Abrigo’s Vice President of Advisory Services, leading a team of subject matter experts who assist financial institutions in accurately interpreting and applying federal accounting guidance. He began his career in financial services as a commercial loan officer at a $2.1 billion institution. He then worked with Deloitte

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Rob Newberry

Senior Consultant
Rob Newberry is Senior Consultant with Abrigo’s Advisory Services and a faculty member of the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In the past 10 years, he has worked with financial institution leaders and regulators to develop a suite of credit administration tools for community banks and

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