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Navigating Regulatory Haze: Banking Cannabis-Related Businesses and Managing Risk

As the cannabis industry continues to expand following legalization initiatives, the need for access to traditional banking services by CRBs becomes increasingly important. However, providing financial services to cannabis-related businesses (CRBs) can feel like navigating through a haze of constantly changing regulations. In this webinar, Kevin Gulledge will discuss the potential risk and value to taking on CRBs. You’ll leave this session with insight on how to manage regulatory compliance and maintain a risk-based program, should your institution decide to bank CRBs. 

Join this session to learn:

  • Key terms and definitions about cannabis-related businesses
  • Latest updates on legalization efforts and regulatory impacts, including the SAFE Banking Act 
  • Best practices for banking CRBs and answers to common questions about cannabis banking 
  • What to include in your policy if you decide to bank or not bank CRBs 

This live session is eligible for 1.25 credits CAFP, CERP, CRCM as well as 1 credit CAMS & CFCS

Interested in learning more about banking cannabis-related businesses and navigating compliance? Download our checklist of questions to ask as you make your decision of whether or not to bank CRBs.

Meet Your Presenter

Kevin Gulledge, CAMS

Senior Risk Management Consultant
Kevin Gulledge has over sixteen years’ experience in the retail banking sector, having worked with mid-sized and large international institutions in a variety of roles, including retail, operations, compliance, and BSA/AML. Since 2014, Kevin has served Abrigo customers as a Senior Risk Management Consultant, working with domestic and international institutions

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