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Determining Whether or Not to Bank CRBs

The decision to bank cannabis-related businesses (CRBs) is not an easy yes or no question. There are multiple things to consider as you make this decision and many things to do afterwards to ensure you maintain compliance. This list of questions isn’t exhaustive and is meant to serve as a basis for the questions you should ask as you navigate this space. Laws, regulations, and even cannabis itself are always changing and you and your staff need to be aware of the latest laws and developments, including variants. Download this checklist for questions to ask as you make your decision of whether or not to bank CRBs.

Download this checklist to learn:

  • Aspects to consider if you are planning on banking CBD, hemp, or marijuana
  • Areas of your policy and procedures to review, whether or not you are banking CRBs
  • Questions regarding risk assessment and monitoring to ensure you maintain compliance

Gain insight on how to manage regulatory compliance and maintain a risk-based program, should your institution decide to bank CRBs. View our webinar, Navigating Regulatory Haze: Banking Cannabis-Related Businesses and Managing Risk.