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The Opportunity Cost of Avoiding Cannabis Banking During COVID-19

In this session, we cover how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted communities with cannabis-related businesses (CRBs) and the financial institutions that bank them. Since many states have declared CRBs as essential businesses, the importance of banking them is more essential than ever. Join us to learn how serving underbanked CRBs can be beneficial both to your community and your financial institution, especially in times of crisis.

Join to learn:

  • How cash-based transactions make law enforcement’s job more difficult
  • Why some banks and credit unions have accepted the risk of banking CRBs
  • Banking CRBs can help community financial institutions stay afloat in difficult times
  • How aligning public policy with an acceptance of legal cannabis leads to economic benefits

Meet Your Presenters

Mike Kennedy

Mike is a co-founder of cannabis banking software company Green Check Verified where he leads Product and Strategy. Mike has extensive experience working with banks and credit unions to leverage technology to better manage their compliance and risk functions. Mike deeply understands the cost and complexities involved with maintaining compliance from

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Paul Dunford

Green Check Verified Co-Founder, Director, Program Development Paul is a co-founder of Green Check Verified, where he is the Director of Program Development. Paul oversees the development and management of compliance programs for Green Check Verified’s clients, with a focus on state-level compliance as well as compliance around federal guidance.

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