Analyzing Core Deposits For Risk Management & Loan Growth

A financial institution’s internal pricing decisions and strategies are crucial to the safety and the soundness of the organization as well as its interest rate risk management process. Assisting with the development of a defensible pricing strategy, some financial institutions are using core deposit studies to help influence accurate decisions, improve assumptions used in their asset liability models, and increase loan growth organically.

Incorrect pricing assumptions can lead to expensive decisions and threaten long-term goals. No matter what loan growth that a financial institution is experiencing, a thorough analysis of deposits can help bank managers gain confidence in their growth and risk management decisions through precise modeling practices.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The trends with surge/non-maturity deposits and how they should influence funding and pricing decisions
  • How to track specific customer and member activity to deposit growth
  • Ways to rely less on borrowing money and more on meeting institutional growth objectives
  • Different core deposit analysis methods that are available to use and their pros/cons

Meet Your Presenter

Dave Koch

Since 1989, Dave has delivered educational programs on Asset/Liability Management and pricing topics to Federal Regulatory Agencies, national and state industry trade groups, Federal Home Loan Banks, and Corporate Credit Unions nationwide. Dave currently serves on the faculty of the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin – Madison as well as numerous other industry schools. In addition to his speaking roles, Dave is actively involved with Abrigo clients consulting with them on capital planning, loan & deposit pricing, and other ALM concerns in an effort to make the ALCO processes more effective. Abrigo and Dave are committed to helping the community financial industry develop workable strategies and risk management processes to improve financial performance, regulatory compliance and overall solutions to their business challenges.

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