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10 Top banking podcasts you should be listening to

Mary Ellen Biery
May 5, 2022
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10 good podcasts for bank & credit union execs & staff

These banking podcasts discuss current events, strategic and policy issues, competition, digitalization advice, and more. And all release a new episode at least monthly.

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Podcast popularity

Love banking podcasts? You're not alone.

An estimated 38% of Americans 12 and older listen to at least one podcast each month, according to Edison Research. And for many people heading back to the office from remote work, podcasts can be a productive and enjoyable way to pass the commuting time.

Thankfully for bank and credit union executives, lenders, risk managers, and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Officers, banking podcasts and podcasts for credit unions are plentiful, and options are growing. Busy financial services professionals have a multitude of opportunities to hear timely discussions that can help them manage risk, drive growth, and fight financial crime.

Regular, timely episodes

Weeding through banking podcasts to find gems.

Indeed, with 2.8 million podcasts in the world, you might find it daunting to weed through the lists on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, or other platforms to find the best banking podcasts.

Why is it challenging to find banking podcasts?

One challenge for listeners is that banking podcasts often don't have their own category on these platforms. As a result, you must wade through a bunch of podcasts on financial markets or general business news to find podcasts focused on the banking industry itself.

Another challenge to identifying good podcasts for bankers is that that many excellent podcasts die – that is, the hosts stop hosting, and the podcasts end. Yet some platforms’ podcast rankings seem to promote podcasts that haven’t put out new episodes in years.

A final challenge is that other podcasts might be internationally based and of little interest to community financial institutions or credit unions based in the U.S. or largely focused on the domestic banking market.

So here’s your head start on finding some banking podcasts that might work for you.

We have webinars, whitepapers, and other resources to make your job easier. Check them all out in our Knowledge Center.

A quick look at top banking podcasts worth a listen, according to Abrigo:

1. Banking Transformed

2. BankTalk

3. Banking with Interest

4. Ahead of the Curve: A Banker’s Podcast

5. Breaking Banks

6. Banking on Digital Growth

7. Main Street Banking: A Podcast for Community Bankers

8. In the Room with Todd Marksberry

9. NextGen Banker

10. Simply Stated

Stay up to date

Podcasts for bankers and credit union execs, staff

Below are descriptions of 10 banking podcasts, in no particular order, that discuss current events, strategic and policy issues, competition, digitalization advice, and more. Many of these banking or credit union podcasts are among the most popular based on rankings by podcast search engine Listen Notes. Others are hosted by former regulatory officials and current financial institution executives who have a knack for finding interesting guests to interview or well-timed topics to discuss. In many cases, the podcasts or hosts have sizable social media followings, and all release a new episode at least once per month so you can stay up to date with the latest trends in the finance world.

If you have an interesting podcast to share, please send it to [email protected].

Banking Transformed

Banking Transformed by the Financial Brand’s Jim Marous has new episodes several times a month and features executives from financial institutions, financial technology firms, authors, consultants, and other experts in the banking industry. Some recent episode titles include: “Should Bankers Fear Apple’s Future Growth Strategy?” “Using Data to Acquire, Engage, and Retain Banking Customers,” and “Customer Identity: Balancing Security and Seamless Banking Experiences.”


BankTalk by Remedy Consulting posts twice-a-month episodes for both banks and credit unions. Topics range from here-and-now issues, such as the latest mergers and acquisitions environment or competitive pressure from the Buy Now Pay Later industry to strategic topics related to handling member or customer data, recruiting, and banking cannabis.

Banking with Interest

Banking with Interest, hosted by former journalist Rob Blackwell and Intrafi Network, is a weekly podcast that headlines big names such as former FDIC Chair Sheila Bair and Acting Comptroller of the Currency Michael Hsu but also features CEOs of innovative fintech startups and banks dipping their toes into block-chain based payments and AI-lending.

Ahead of the Curve: A Banker’s Podcast

Ahead of the Curve: A Banker’s Podcast has insights from banking leaders and advisors across the banking industry. This new podcast hosted by Abrigo aims to help bankers stay ahead of new developments in the fast-changing environment. So far, episode topics include cover loan pricing in a rising-rate environment, cannabis-related banking, and technology implementation.

Breaking Banks

Breaking Banks, billed as the #1 global fintech podcast and radio show, began in 2013 and is hosted by media firm Weekly episodes highlight innovators and industry players driving innovation in the financial services industry. Some recent episode titles: “Secret Sauce for Deeper Relationships & What’s So Nifty About NFTs” and “Fintech Investment and Growth Opportunities.”

Banking on Digital Growth

Banking on Digital Growth, hosted by James Robert Lay, CEO of the Digital Growth Institute, interviews marketing, sales, and fintech leaders and discusses ways financial institutions can maximize their digital growth potential. Banking artificial intelligence (AI), the customer experience, enticing millennials, and change management are among subjects tackled in recent episodes.

Main Street Banking: A Podcast for Community Bankers

Main Street Banking: A Podcast for Community Bankers is hosted by the Barret School of Banking, and posts new episodes twice a month or so. Sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes 50 minutes, this podcast digs into such topics as creating branch experiences that go hand-in-hand with digital ones, identifying risk, and consumer lending. It also examines how community banks are different than other types of financial institutions, along with strategies for optimal operations.

In the Room with Todd Marksberry

In the Room with Todd Marksberry is hosted by Canvas Credit Union President and CEO Todd Marksberry. It is a living-room-chat style podcast with other credit union executives, consultants, and business owners from Colorado and elsewhere around the world. Guests and Marksberry typically talk leadership, life, and advice for listeners, all while telling stories of their journeys to leadership in the financial sector.

NextGen Banker

NextGen Banker, hosted by Sunrise Banks’ CEO David Reiling, focuses on the future of finance in a world increasingly driven by technology and people’s desire to work or do business based on their shared values with companies. Guests come from the fintech space, associations, universities, banks, and government agencies, and they help Reiling explore how to create a financial sector that’s values-driven, more diverse, and supportive of all consumers.

Simply Stated

Simply Stated, hosted by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors, takes a straightforward approach to exploring the changing environment for bankers by interviewing experts in financial supervision. They look at how the shifts impact the industry and consumers, with a heavy focus on the economy. However, topics such as money laundering, adjustments in supervision, and nascent trends also get attention.

Banking resources

Other podcasts of note to check out

Of course, there are numerous other excellent banking podcasts available that are worth a listen. Other banking podcasts that provide a good variety of resources for industry professionals include the ABA Banking Journal Podcast, the Independent Community Bankers Association’s (ICBA) Communities of Innovation Podcast, former NCUA Executive Director Mark Treichel's With Flying Colors podcast, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) News Podcast, the Kafafian Group’s This Month in Banking podcast, and Adrenaline Group’s Believe in Banking.

Listen to the podcast episode, "How to sleep easier at night about capital and risk levels."

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