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Your ALM software should equip you with the power to make more profitable loan decisions.

Optimize net interest margin, assess multiple levels of risk exposure & develop appropriate contingency funding plans.

Features and Benefits of FARIN Foresight include:

  • Choosing a static or dynamic approach
  • Developing contingency funding plans
  • Accepting data extracts from a variety of sources
  • Assessing levels of risk exposure, and more.

Learn more on how Farin Foresight can benefit your institution today.

"Our bank’s ALM, budget, and FP&A functions are built around the expansive capabilities of the Farin Foresight model. The model’s design is sophisticated enough to efficiently and accurately forecast the complexity of our bank’s more unique transactions, and to produce the required data so that we can critically analyze our financial results."

Dobbertin, AVP, Finance Manager Genesee Regional Bank, Rochester, NY