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Covering Your BSA Blind Spots: 4-Factor Scenario Model in BAM+

Sometimes one (or two or three!) factor isn’t enough when it comes to risk management. Abrigo’s industry-leading BSA/AML software, BAM+, utilizes 4-factor scenario models to help you eliminate blind spots in your BSA program. BAM+ is the only solution that covers all four factors in financial crime prevention logic – artificial intelligence, behavior, rules, and typology – to allow you to act quickly when suspicious activity arises. See how our 4-factor scenario model helps you better stay on top of financial crime at your institution.

Download to learn:

  • How Abrigo leverages transparent AI to help you better detect and prevent money laundering and fraud
  • Ways behavior-based and rules-based scenarios allow you to discover activity outside of expected behavior
  • Methods to discover potentially suspicious activity through customizable typology scenarios


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