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Human Trafficking Red Flags

With human trafficking generating $150 billion annually and 25 million victims worldwide, it’s no surprise that financial institutions are looking for new ways to stop these horrific crimes. Financial institutions continue to play a pivotal role in detecting and reporting trafficking, making them a crucial part of their community’s safety. While human trafficking typologies are sometimes difficult for financial institutions to detect, it is possible. For financial institutions to help detect human trafficking, it is important not only to understand how victims become victims but also to understand who the traffickers are. Download this checklist to learn key behavioral and transactional indicators that are human trafficking red flags to identify both victims and traffickers within your customer base.

Download this checklist to learn:

  • Key human trafficking red flags to help identify potential victims in your customer base
  • How to adequately monitor your transactions for trafficking, with examples of transactional red flags to look for
  • Behavioral indicators to watch for, including the presence of a third party in transactions
  • How the 2014 FinCEN guidance still applies today and the key indicators identified by FinCEN

Interested in learning more about trafficking and better understanding what to look for in your own community? Watch our webinar Human Trafficking – Close to Home.