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Accurate & efficient check fraud management

Check Fraud Detection Software

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AI-driven check fraud detection solution

Check fraud management for
banks and credit unions

Check fraud remains a significant burden, costing financial institutions more than $1.3 billion annually. Sophisticated techniques like deepfakes for forgeries and clever check alterations continue to emerge, making robust and reliable check fraud detection software that leverage AI a critical need for banks and credit unions.


Combat check fraud

Abrigo is your trusted partner in keeping check fraud in check, empowering you with advanced AI-driven tools to defend your institution and customers. Our solution identifies fraud often missed by traditional tools and manual reviews. 


Features & advantages of check fraud detection

Comprehensive check fraud detection
to stay ahead of the curve

Abrigo's check fraud solution is stacked with all the tools you need to catch and resolve potentially fraudulent transactions quickly. Our innovative system combines AI/ML-driven check image analysis powered by Mitek, a national consortium of check fraud information, and Abrigo's configurable decision engine.

Check Image Analysis

Deep computational visual analysis examines 22 distinct check attributes, including check stock, payee integrity, ink consistency, and signature validity, to help you find fraud faster.

Consortium Analytics

Participate in a nationwide consortium of financial institutions sharing check fraud data to learn from your peers and strengthen your detection capabilities.

Customer Collaboration

Use step-up authentication to engage your customers in the detection process and resolve alerts faster and more accurately.

Check Fraud Reports

Monitor analyst performance and get actionable insights to help you make better decisions and anticipate new threats.

"By 2024, check fraud is projected to soar to a massive $24 billion,
constituting 60% of all attempted fraud."

- American Bankers Association, Deposit Fraud Survey

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Integrated Systems with Abrigo

Financial crime systems built for your institution

Breaking down silos between fraud detection and AML

Abrigo is dedicated to supporting banks and credit unions in the fight against financial crime. With Abrigo’s comprehensive financial crime solutions and services that include fraud detection software and AML software, you can collaborate across teams to better detect, manage and resolve suspicious financial activity throughout your institution.  


Resources on Check Fraud Detection

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