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Agricultural Lending

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Credit Analysis for Producers & Farms

Consistent spreading and analysis for ag loans.

Gain efficiency and accuracy using Abrigo’s Agricultural Lending software for booking loans for real estate, livestock and crops, operations, and more. With our life of loan coverage, bankers enter data only once, giving them more time to spend with borrowers.  

Integrated LOS

Agricultural Lending from Abrigo is integrated with our loan origination system, allowing the financial institution to book consumer, commercial, and agricultural loans on a single system, yielding more consistent and profitable lending decisions.

Features and Functionality of Agricultural Lending

Consistency and accuracy with spreads.

Abrigo’s Ag Lending includes best-practice templates to simplify implementation, but financial statements and memorandums can also be customized to the institution. Credit analysts can leverage Abrigo’s budget, collateral management, and Electronic Tax Return Reader for efficient and defensible credit decisioning.  

Integrated LOS Platform

Book ag loans on the same loan origination system as consumer and business loans and gain insight.

One Point of Data Entry

Gain efficiency and reduce manual errors using Abrigo’s tax return reader technology and core integrations.

Complex & Global Analysis

Agricultural loan decisioning can benefit from global cash flow analysis and spreading complex relationships.

Custom Statements & Memos

Use templates, or customize financial statements, budgets, and credit memos to fit the bank’s clients.

Collateral Management

Understand loan-to-value and risk related to collateral and liens with Abrigo's easy-to-use feature.

Streamlined for Life of Loan

Use ag-specific ticklers, borrower communications, and credit memos with Abrigo’s life of loan solution.

About one out of five ag borrowers requested a loan modification in 2020 as a result of the pandemic and resulting economic downturn.” 

ABA’s Fall Agricultural Lender Survey

Enhance Borrower Experience

Advantages of Agricultural Lending

Confidently book ag loans.

When lenders are concerned with ag credit quality or workouts, Abrigo’s Agricultural Lending software helps them efficiently determine creditworthiness, risk with collateral, and strengths and weaknesses of borrowers. Make the right loans, balancing risk and return.


Abrigo’s Agricultural Lending software allows lenders to save time on data entry, quickly spread complex relationships, and build credit memorandums for loan committee. With faster turnarounds, your bank or credit union can grow a competitive advantage.  


As part of a comprehensive LOS, Abrigo Agricultural Lending ensures consistency in pipeline reporting, decisioning, and documentation. That consistency can lead to smoother loan reviews, loan committee meetings, and examinations. 


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“Because the information seems to be constantly changing, it’s reassuring to be working with a [PPP] partner that is not only staying on top of the changes but is also collaborating with other banks to make the right solution.Read More

Brett Dutcher, Information Technology Manager | Greenstone Farm Credit Services 

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Integrated Systems with Abrigo

Centralize your loan origination and management.

Loan Origination Software

Abrigo’s Loan Origination Software allows different loan types to be analyzed, booked, and managed from one system, giving the institution efficiency and lower costs of origination.

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Resources on Agriculture Lending

Whitepaper: The Ag Lender’s Survival Guide

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2021 Roadmap for Producers & Lending

How will producers’ roadmaps impact the institution’s risk? Watch for 2021 predictions.

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