Automating Personal Financial Statements

No Data Entry

We help banks and credit unions eliminate data entry from underwriting and make it easier for borrowers to submit information for loan applications and renewals. With Sageworks No Data Entry, the borrower submits documents, and Sageworks automatically builds a personal financial statement for the lender, including credit report and asset account information.

Borrowers can share asset information from more than 9,000 financial institutions nationwide, authorize credit pulls, and provide tax returns, which Sageworks leverages to auto-build financial statements for the lender.  This increases the efficiency of lending for both the borrower and the lender.

  • Reduce data entry for new-loan applications and renewals
  • Make it easy for borrowers to submit only the information and documents needed for their loan
  • Give borrowers a secure and online way to interact with loan officers
  • Make it easy for loan officers to see outstanding documents to be collected
  • Reduce the institution’s reliance on paper files
  • Obtain auto-generated personal financial statements based on the information borrowers submit
  • Connect with more than 9,000 financial institutions to get an accurate picture of the borrower’s financial health
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