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ALM Basics: Best Practices in Measuring, Monitoring, and Controlling IRR

Asset/Liability Management (ALM) is no longer simply a regulatory reporting requirement but rather an essential process designed to measure, manage, and control risk while maximizing a financial institution’s profitability. It connects loans and investments decisions with funding sources. Additionally, well-drafted ALCO policies act as a roadmap when performance pressure increases. This webinar will explore current best practices in measuring, managing, and controlling interest rate risk.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Earnings at Risk and Economic Value of Equity at Risk (EVE) measurement techniques and reporting
  • Key modeling assumptions for effective risk measurement
  • Incorporating policies and risk tolerance limits
  • Regulatory expectation of IRR management
  • Reasonable and relevant IRR scenarios

Meet Your Presenter

Susan Sharbel

Senior Consultant
Susan Sharbel brings over 35 years of expertise in the banking industry, with a focus on asset/liability management and regulatory compliance. Prior to joining Abrigo, she was an ALM consultant leading ALM model implementations and managing the quarterly ALM process, support, and analysis for nearly 40 banking clients. As a

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