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An SBA Story: PPP Lessons Learned and What’s Next

Since the passage of the CARES Act on March 27 and with it the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), a lot has happened in a condensed timeframe. The PPP’s goal of supporting small businesses through this difficult time was welcomed with open arms by the entire country, but the rollout was met with confusion and frustration from both lenders and hopeful borrowers. Lastminute changes to forms and guidance, uncertainty around promissory notes, and unclear forgiveness guidelines have left many financial institutions wary to participate. 

With the initial $349 billion in funding exhausted, it’s time for us to reflect and review the events that have taken place and the lessons learned from the initial program. With another round of funding on its way, it is important that financial institutions are ready to act quickly. In this webinar, attendees can learn from those that successfully participated in the initial program and discover ways to be more effective and efficient in handling PPP loans in the future.   

Join to learn:

  • Quick overview of the Paycheck Protection Program 
  • How Sound Community Bank approached the program 
  • What we know about PPP forgiveness and other next steps 

Abrigo was joined by an SBA representative to participate in the discussion and Q&A.

Meet Your Presenters

Christian Fobian

Christian serves as the AVP and Loan Systems Analyst at Sound Community Bank, where he manages software systems related to the lending department. With a strong background in both banking and technology, Christian was instrumental is getting his institution stood up and ready to accept Paycheck Protection Program loan applications. He received

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Nolan Gesher

Vice President – Client Services
Nolan Gesher is Vice President – Client Services at Abrigo, where he leverages his extensive background in financial technology sales, enablement, and product management to help customers be successful. Nolan has a proven track record of leading financial institutions to drive growth, manage risk, and scale operations. He joined Abrigo,

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Paula S. King, CPA

Senior Consultant
Paula King, CPA, is Senior Advisor for Abrigo Advisory Services, assisting financial institutions with CECL, credit processes, model validations, and recently, the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program forgiveness process. A former banker and bank co-founder, she has held executive positions (CFO, Chief Risk Officer and Chief Compliance Officer) and has more

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