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The Cannabis Conundrum – Understanding, Identifying, and Managing Risk and Opportunity for Financial Institutions

The changing regulatory environment puts financial institutions in a cloudy area regarding banking cannabis-related businesses (CRBs). While it can seem lucrative to bank these businesses, it doesn’t come without risks. For some financial institutions, they want to avoid these customers, but don’t know how to properly identify them. In this webinar, Steven Kemmerling, the founder and CEO of CRB Monitor and Terri Luttrell, Abrigo Senior Manager of Strategy and Engagement, will share the issues and considerations facing financial institutions that both (a) do not currently, knowingly bank the sector and (b) those that do or are thinking about beginning these relationships. Watch to learn:

  • The current state of the legal, regulatory, and market landscape(s)
  • How to identify and bridge cannabis-related policy and procedure gaps
  • Risk vs. Reward – How and why more FIs are banking the cannabis sector

Meet Your Presenter

Steven Kemmerling

Founder & CEO
Steven Kemmerling is the Founder and CEO of CRB Monitor.  Tracking over 62,000 direct marijuana-related businesses, 100,000 marijuana licenses and 90,000 beneficial owners, CRB Monitor is the most comprehensive database on the cannabis industry and relied upon by financial institutions to effectively manage and monetize cannabis-related risk and opportunity.  Mr.

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