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How the 2021 Roadmap for Producers will Influence Ag Lending

Ag lenders today use a standard set of factors to determine and predict risk tolerance for producers.  But changes are on the horizon, and 2021 has a lot in store for producers – impacts on operations that could change the financial outlook for agribusiness, and provide lenders with a more accurate look at data and operations.

Join us as expert Kala Jenkins, from the national Food & Ag accounting and business advisory firm K·Coe Isom, provides insight on producers’ business roadmaps that could influence your lending risk tolerance: from cash flow and budgeting improvements to risk management and new operational factors.

Meet Your Presenter

Kala Jenkins

Senior Agriculture Consultant
As a senior agricultural consultant for K·Coe Isom, an accounting and consulting firm specializing in the food and agriculture industry, Kala improves upon the financial performance of food and agriculture producers through strategic planning, operational consulting, and risk management. Her background in farm credit and finance has provided her with

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