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Managing Liquidity Risk and Profitability in 2020 Webinar Series

As we began this year, many of us found ourselves planning for heightened liquidity risk and continued robust loan demand. However, changes in the social and economic conditions are challenging us on both sides of the balance sheet. Now flush with excess liquidity, interest rate levels offer little opportunity for generating spread, and the continued presence of COVID-19 poses an unfamiliar level of uncertainty that alters expectations.

Despite these challenges, institutions must continue to balance long-term earning needs vs. short-term profit opportunities. In this three-part webinar series, learn how to best manage your liquidity, pricing, and funding in today’s environment:

  • Session 1: Impact of liquidity on performance. Liquidity risk decisions we have to make today. 
  • Session 2: How to use workable solutions and support pricing metrics. Should there be an emphasis on pricing loans or pricing risk? 
  • Session 3: Balance sheet decisions and how to fund them 


Meet Your Presenter

Dave Koch

Director, Advisory Services
Since 1989, Dave has delivered educational programs on Asset/Liability Management and pricing topics to Federal Regulatory Agencies, national and state industry trade groups, Federal Home Loan Banks, and Corporate Credit Unions nationwide.

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