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Simplify Tech ROI

Use Labor Costs to Evaluate Enterprise Lending Technology Purchases

This simple but relevant way to measure the efficiency gains, along with a review of customer benefits, will reveal the capacity for building new revenue that clarifies ROI.


Transforming Your Lending Process

To avoid a labor-intensive lending process, financial institutions are looking for efficiencies, not only in new technology, but also in change management to implement those technologies.


SBA Lending

An Overlooked Growth Engine

SBA loans represent an underutilized growth engine for financial institutions. With proper planning and the utilization of technology, SBA lending can boost customer acquisitions and deposits.

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Loan Pathing

The Road to More Efficient Lending

By incorporating automation and workflow management to map the path of various loan applications, institutions can focus resources on the applications that warrant more analysis.


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With our set up before, some of these [loans] could take five or six days… Our turnaround time with the full solution up and running is probably one to two days max.