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2014 Community banking best practices: Investing in project management training

February 19, 2014
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In last week’s that kicked off the 2014 community bank best practices series, we discussed the importance of developing a risk-based pricing mechanism to augment your income so that you’re sufficiently compensated for the risks your institution is taking.

This post will explore the reasons why you should, if you haven’t already, invest in project management training.

This clip is from a Sageworks’ webinar entitled, 2014 Outlook for Community Banks: Managing Risks and Embracing Opportunities. In this webinar, Ancin Cooley, principal of Synergy Bank Consulting explains the importance of investing in project management training.

“Find an underutilized individual, one of your up and coming people, and invest in them some project management training. Then incorporate them into your strategic management process so that they can follow up on your strategic initiatives making sure that they are being done in a timely basis, so that you’re not always running from issue to issue. Something that I’ve noticed just from a management standpoint is that a lot of community banks are just constantly running from fire to fire without actually being able to plow forward and engage with your strategic goals,” advised Cooley.

To learn more about why investing in project management training is so important this year, view the entire webinar on the 2014 Outlook for Community Banks.

For additional information on this year’s lending “forecast”, download the whitepaper on the Lending Outlook for 2014.

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