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Hands-On BSA & AML Training – Regional User Group Meetings

August 16, 2017
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BSA/AML training

Driving Success Through Hands-On BSA & AML Training 

BSA & AML training is important to every AML professional and BSA program. Banker’s Toolbox offers more than just AML software we are dedicated to delivering “Success, Not JUST Software”. It is our goal to accelerate the success of our customers by providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to make their daily tasks easier. One of the unique resources that we provide to our family of customers is our Regional User Group Meetings.

The Banker’s Toolbox Regional User Groups enrich customer BSA & AML training through ongoing engagement, continued education, and resource sharing. These groups come together to discuss industry hot topics, share best practices and success stories, and enhance their product knowledge.

“My involvement with the Regional User Groups has been invaluable, as it has provided meaningful opportunities for ongoing professional development and networking with other BAM users who face similar BSA/AML risks.” – Melissa Triplett, Pacific Western Bank, California

Strengthen Your Expertise

Financial crime is on the rise which means AML professionals need to stay up to date on changes in the industry and the proper ways to detect suspicious activity. Banker’s Toolbox Regional User Group (RUG) meetings offer training from AML experts and law enforcement in a hands-on training format. Attendees have an opportunity to learn from industry leaders and BAM/BAM+ product experts that have a wealth of knowledge they are eager to share. Since these meetings are split out into regions, users in different areas have an opportunity to help to focus on content that is specific to their area and needs. Some of the topics include:

  • Best Practices in CDD
  • Suspicious Activity Program Optimization
  • Cybercrime Threats and Virtual Currencies
  • BSA Exam Hot Topics
  • Best Practices for Managing Alert Triages

Connect With Your Peers

Every BSA program is different and has it’s own challenges. Having a network to go to for support and growth is important for program and professional development. Regional User Groups are built to foster collaboration and networking with other Banker’s Toolbox users. This program is an outlet for peer on peer discussion that promotes learning, idea sharing and problem solving. Connecting with others from your same region lends an advantage to finding new solutions to your AML challenges. As part of the Banker’s Toolbox family, our customers feel inspired when learning from each other and take pleasure in helping others resolve any problems they may be facing.

Increase Your Product Knowledge

BSA Officers and AML professionals have tough jobs and are under constant regulatory scrutiny.  The more you know about your system and what it can do for your compliance program, the more efficient and effective you can be in your role. Regional User Group meetings deliver hands-on product training to make sure you are using your AML software to its fullest extent. You have an opportunity to learn tips and tricks that will help make your job easier. Attending your Regional User Group meeting also gives you the opportunity to provide ideas for product enhancements and ask questions on the latest industry and Banker’s Toolbox product news.


Regional User Groups are more than just extended BSA/AML training. It’s about giving you all the resources and support that you need to make you successful. As Banker’s Toolbox Chief Revenue Officer, Darin Hanson, said, “Family is NOT too strong a word to describe this group of passionate advocates. It describes not only how they feel about Banker’s Toolbox and our world class software, but also how they feel about and interact with each other.”

To learn more about Regional Users Groups or find out when your Regional User Group meeting is visit the Regional User Group webpage or email [email protected].

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