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Photo of Zachary Struble

Zachary Struble

Manager, Advisory Services

Portfolio Risk & CECL

Zach is a Manager on Abrigo’s Advisory Services team. He has over 7 years of financial services consulting experience with financial institutions ranging in asset size from $200 million to over $20 billion. He specializes in merger and acquisitionrelated consulting, Day 1 valuation and due diligence services for whole bank acquisitions, consulting related to CECL modeling and implementation, and model validation. His other responsibilities include backtesting, stress testing, exit pricing, and Day 2 accounting under both ASC-310-30 and ASC 310-20. He is also involved in various financial modeling and data analytics services including credit risk analytics, ongoing monitoring, historical probability of default, lossgiven default analysis, and prepayment speed studies. Zach earned his MBA from West Virginia University. Prior to working in the consulting space, he served as a financial analyst at a $2.2 billion financial institution.