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Adopting technology: The people side of change

Banks and credit unions face a variety of challenges today, whether it’s increased competition, changing customer expectations, or greater regulatory burdens, to name a few. Increasingly, financial institutions turn to automation and technology to combat these challenges. However, resistance from inside the organization can stall the best plans for adopting technology.

What can you do when the staff members you need to help ensure the technology ROI are unenthused or resistant to changing old processes and technologies? Change management, the people side of change, can help secure staff support and strong technology adoption.

Download this checklist to help you frame your financial institution’s vision and get the most buy-in possible when adopting new technologies.


  • The importance of clear communication that clarifies the “why” behind the technology adoption
  • Why it’s essential to choose the right people at your institution to be involved with changing processes or technology
  • How software change management efforts can benefit from staff feedback

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