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Artificial Intelligence in BSA/AML – Infographic

As artificial intelligence and machine learning become more prevalent in banking, so do the questions surrounding these new technologies. The lack of understanding around AI/ML has created uncertainty for BSA professionals and has caused them to seek answers about how and when automated intelligence will impact their BSA programs. This infographic sheds light on questions surrounding what AI/ML really do, if they can help your BSA/AML program, and how they’ll affect your compliance.

Download this infographic to learn:

  • What AI/ML means for the BSA industry
  • How to document AI for regulators and auditors
  • What impact this technology will have on BSA staffing
  • How AI/ML will impact your institution and program



If you are looking to improve your transaction monitoring and gain efficiency in your BSA/AML program, Abrigo’s BAM+ offers AI and machine learning scenarios that identify anomalies allowing you to focus on the suspicious activity that matters most. Talk to a specialist to learn more.