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Looking for Valuant? You are in the right place!

Valuant is now Abrigo, giving you a single source to Manage Risk and Drive Growth

Make yourself at home – we hope you enjoy your new web experience.

Looking for DiCOM? You are in the right place!

DiCOM Software is now part of Abrigo, giving you a single source to Manage Risk and Drive Growth. Make yourself at home – we hope you enjoy your new web experience.

Unlock valuable insights for strategic decision-making

Banking Intelligence and Analytics

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AI-powered live dashboards

Insights that matter to you, all in one place

Financial institutions struggle to extract meaningful information from core systems, spreadsheets, loan files, treasury services, digital banking systems, and other data sources. Abrigo Connect is a banking intelligence solution that brings the data flowing through Abrigo and other systems together in one platform – without expensive data scientists or complex technical infrastructure.

Make informed decisions faster

Abrigo Connect uses AI, natural language search, and analytics to transform raw data into the actionable intelligence bankers need to proactively assess performance, unlock opportunities for growth, increase employee efficiency, and anticipate future risks. 
Visualize your data, streamline board and committee reporting, and make timely decisions to give your institution a competitive advantage. 

Live dashboards curated for your teams

AML intelligence  

Increase BSA/AML program effectiveness through curated insights into your customer base and sources of risk, including in-depth analysis on alerts, cases, SARs, CTRs, transaction volumes, and more to streamline and enhance board reporting.  

  • What is my alert-to-case ratio by analyst?
  • How have CTR filings trended by branch?
  • How do my SAR filings compare to other Illinois banks' filings?

Credit risk intelligence 

Improve credit risk management and ensure compliance by tracking portfolio health, concentration risks, past due/delinquent loans, and more.  

  • Which loans are at risk?
  • How has my risk rating changed in CRE the last 3 months?
  • What are my customers' FICO scores in my credit card portfolio?

Deposit intelligence 

Gain insights that enable you to increase deposits at your institution, including daily, weekly, and monthly deposit trends, reporting on term deposit originations and maturities, deposit demographics, and more.

  • Which accounts had the largest inflow/outflow over the last week?
  • Which deposit types/products are most successful?
  • What is the value of all term deposits maturing over the next quarter?
  • Which accounts have been dormant for the last three months?

Financial intelligence 

Report on your institution’s financial statements by seamlessly integrating general ledger data into Abrigo Connect, enabling you to better understand financial health, financial ratios to assess risk, demonstrate proper internal controls, and more. 

  • When did we start to see an improvement in ROE?
  • How has our cost of deposits trended over the past 12 months?
  • What are the major trends with our top income accounts?

Fraud detection intelligence 

Make more informed decisions about how to prevent fraud losses with insights into the impact of fraud at your institution, including trend reporting on confirmed fraud in Alerts and Cases by transaction type and fraud type, insight on fraud sources by zip code, branch and product, geographical heat maps, reporting on prevented loss and recovery trends, and more. 

  • Which products have the highest fraud losses?
  • In which zip codes are we seeing a recent increase in fraud?
  • What are emerging fraud trends at my institution I need to keep an eye on?

Lending intelligence  

Drive loan portfolio growth by analyzing pipelines, assessing efficiency across loan types, tracking liquidity, mapping your lending footprint, and more. Data is updated within minutes, providing you the latest info to make faster decisions.

  • How long does it take to originate an SMB loan?
  • Do I have any loans in the pipeline from Wake County?
  • Which loans are late-stage in the pipeline?

Peer and industry intelligence 

Assess your current and historical performance against individual institutions or peer groups with access to Abrigo’s vast proprietary peer and industry datasets.

  • Are my institution's interest rates competitive?
  • How does the number of loans originated by my institution this year compare to my peers?
  • In which regions are my competitors outperforming me?
  • In which industries is my institution underperforming that may present an opportunity for growth?

Advantages of Abrigo Connect

Ensure your success with Abrigo

Abrigo provides everything you need for better data insights and to make better decisions, without unnecessary complexity. From universal access for your teams to our expertise with thousands of financial institutions and access to our vibrant community, we provide a true partnership so you never have to go it alone.

Minimize technical work

Sidestep expensive integration projects.

Seamless, universal access

Get insights within the Abrigo Platform

Partner with our experts

Maximize impact for your institution.

"With Abrigo Connect, I have the time to be more forward-thinking and the tools to examine the portfolio more closely. I can look ahead more instead of looking behind."

Ralph Kramer, Chief Credit Officer, Southwestern National Bank

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Features and functionality of Abrigo Connect

Everything you need, all in one solution

From innovative AI-powered search, real-time notifications, and powerful banking analytics to granular data permissions and controls, Abrigo Connect delivers the insights you need to make more informed decisions and the tools to easily manage this information.

Interactive live dashboards

Go from high level insights to granular data with just a few clicks. 

Natural language search

Find the information you need, using the words you speak every day thanks to AI and GPT-4.

Powerful analytics

Identify trends, pinpoint outliers, correlate data, and more.

Proprietary benchmark database

Review your performance compared to peers using Abrigo's curated information.

Real-time monitoring and alerts

Anticipate future risks and opportunities and take immediate action.

Robust security & governance

Ensure proper data access with user permissions and controls.

Simplify data to make better decisions.

Learn more about Abrigo Connect.