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Look at Fraud From Every Angle

AI Fraud Detection Software

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BAM+ AI for fraud detection

Automated Anomaly Detection with AI Fraud Detection Software

BAM+ Fraud Scenarios

Stopping fraud losses is an investment worth making. If we have learned anything it's that criminals are not simple-minded. Their fraud schemes run the spectrum of complexity. This is why our fraud scenarios incorporate different typologies, risk-thresholds, and anomalies. With our machine learning detection, we leverage the power of artificial intelligence to identify fraud in its many forms, while maintaining transparency in our system, so that you are always able to understand alerts and explain your decisions to regulators.


Advantages of using typologies, risk-thresholds & anomalies

Use AI fraud detection software to mitigate losses


Tailor your machine learning scenarios to fit your institution's individual risk profile. You can select the confidence level you want the scenarios to reach to trigger alerts, allowing you to hone in on specific trends and patterns for your team to investigate.


Understanding why an alert triggered cuts down on critical investigation time, so transparency is the foundation to efficiency. Our system provides an accurate and detailed description of potential fraud activity giving you the fastest path to resolution.


The longer you use these scenarios, the smarter they get. As the scenario gains more transaction data to process, it begins to “learn,” increasing accuracy and making it more capable to predict your customers’ and members' habits and patterns.

Not all fraud risk is the same.
Spend more time on the things that matter


Your institution is unique. Your fraud detection software should be too.

There is no "one size fits all" solution for fraud. Similar to your BSA program, you are in control of your risk tolerance and workflow. BAM+ Fraud was made to fit your specific needs to better detect, manage, and resolve fraudulent activity. Don’t settle for out of the box. Think bigger.


AI fraud detection no longer needs to be a mystery. Our scenarios identify abnormalities, provide easy-to-understand alerts, and give you all the information you’ll need to make a decision about the outlier. 

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