MST Virtual Economist

Like Having an Economist as Your Office Mate

The Virtual Economist gives you the latest economic data to easily run correlation analysis against your institution’s data. This powerful tool gives you the ability to see trends in your loan portfolio and satisfy the economic forecasting, forward-looking requirements of CECL. It is an add-on module to the MST Loan Loss Analyzer.


The Virtual Economist collects historical and forecasted economic data from trusted federal sources, such as Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED).


Use the Virtual Economist to correlate your loss experience to economic data from multiple sources. Find out what matters and what doesn’t.


Remain confident that your forecasts are reasonable, supportable and well-documented.

The latest economic data at your fingertips?
Now that's big.
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Under CECL you will be required to consider economic factors in determining future expected loan losses. The Virtual Economist is an efficient, automated way to evaluate qualitative economic factors and project their impact on the institution’s loss rate, find new variables that impact the loss rate or determine the relevance of the economic factors you are already using to make qualitative adjustments.

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