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Balancing compliance risk & reward with high-risk businesses

Seeking growth for shareholders, or to say “yes” to long-term clients, financial-institution leaders may look to high-risk, legal markets as new target segments. Even without a concerted focus on these businesses, chances are, your client base today unintentionally includes some of these relationships given their rise in number.

These emerging markets – Hemp, Cannabis, Private ATMS, Money Services Businesses, Crypto or others – also come with additional compliance and BSA/AML risks. How can your institution balance the investment in growing these markets for the financial institution with the investment in a commensurate risk program? What do examiners look for in supporting BSA/AML risk programs? Watch this on-demand webinar, featuring RiskScout and Abrigo, to walk through both the highs and lows of high-risk businesses and what they might mean for your institution.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Which types of customers are considered high risk by examiners and/or your Board
  • How each high risk market differs and what might make each attractive
  • How do examiners evaluate these programs during examinations
  • What BSA/AML practices need strengthened ahead of entering new markets

This session is eligible for 1 CFCS credit and 1.25 CAFP, CERP, CRCM credits.

Meet Your Presenters

Kristin Parker

Director of Compliance
Kristin Parker has been a pioneer in the compliance banking community since 2014 and spent the last several years of her career specializing in banking higher-risk industries as a community bank BSA Officer. In early 2019, she successfully created and implemented one of the first Federal Reserve Bank approved hemp

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Kevin Gulledge, CAMS

Senior Risk Management Consultant
Kevin Gulledge has over sixteen years’ experience in the retail banking sector, having worked with mid-sized and large international institutions in a variety of roles, including retail, operations, compliance, and BSA/AML. Since 2014, Kevin has served Abrigo customers as a Senior Risk Management Consultant, working with domestic and international institutions

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