Banking and Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies can be an unfamiliar, intimidating, and even threatening source of currency, when it comes to protecting your institution. Criminals are increasingly savvy with technology, making banking cryptocurrencies a potential threat to your institution. There are currently no federal guidelines on banking cryptocurrencies. It is up to each institution to set policies and procedures for banking cryptocurrencies. In this webinar, Andres Tapia, CAMS will provide an overview of cryptocurrencies, discuss how cryptocurrencies affect financial institutions, and cover the latest trends in the cryptocurrency space, including recent cases involving cryptocurrencies. 

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  • An overview of cryptocurrencies
  • How cryptocurrencies affect financial institutions
  • The latest trends in the cryptocurrency space, including recent cases involving cryptocurrencies

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About the Presenter







Andres Tapia, CAMS
Senior Risk Management Consultant, Banker’s Toolbox 

Andres Tapia has 15 years of financial service experience working with institutions, ranging in asset size. He has managed retail and compliance teams and has experience in retail banking, private banking, fraud monitoring, physical security and BSA/AML compliance. Andres has started Banking divisions and organized a De-Novo Bank. Andres is bilingual and has managed multiple groups of compliance analysts and investigators at a financial institution along the US-Mexico border. During this time, he gained experience with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, consent orders, look back projects, High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas and High Intensity Financial Crime Areas. Currently, Andres works as a Senior Risk Management Consultant, on the Professional Service team at Banker’s Toolbox.


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