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Breaking Down the 2020 Business Lending Readiness Survey: Roadblocks to Top Results

How does your financial institution stack up against peers?

Find out in Abrigo’s 2020 Business Lending Readiness Survey, where over 300 financial professionals answered questions related to their commercial or business lending processes. The goal of the survey was to help financial institutions benchmark their relative strengths and weaknesses to their peers for a variety of topics such as risk rating, pricing, underwriting, ticklers, and more.

Join our experts on this webinar as they walk through the results of the survey and comment on trends, red flags, and strategies that they derived from the data.

You will learn:   

  • How other institutions approach business and commercial lending    
  • Pain points in the lending/credit process and how others have solved them  
  • Trends in the industry that our subject matter experts are seeing 

Meet Your Presenters

Alison Trapp

Director of Client Education
Alison Trapp, Abrigo’s Director of Client Education, draws on 20+ years of banking expertise to educate clients on best practices. She leads a team that helps financial institutions accurately interpret federal accounting guidance and drive faster loan decisioning and more defensible credit-risk management frameworks. Before joining Abrigo, Alison spent 17

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Aaron Lenhart

Director of Consulting
Aaron Lenhart, Abrigo’s Director of Consulting, works with financial institutions to implement lending and credit risk solutions using configuration best practices to maximize solution value. He previously assisted financial institutions with interpreting federal accounting guidance as a member of Abrigo’s risk consulting team. Before joining Abrigo, Aaron was an associate

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Neill LeCorgne

VP of Banking
Neill LeCorgne is Vice President of Banking at Abrigo and is responsible for working with financial institutions to enhance their operating strategies including improving efficiency in the lending process. Neill has over thirty-three years of experience in the financial industry including eleven years as President and Director of a multi-bank

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