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We are in the midst of an unprecedented rising rate scenario, where some institutions are reacting very quickly with rate changes while others appear to be doing nothing. Our scenario is complicated by not knowing how the deposits we attracted during the pandemic are going to behave with rates rising and the economy potentially cooling off. In this session, we will review case studies of situations and responses that we have observed or have advised institutions to employ. The objective of this webinar is to help you determine how prepared you are to employ a systematic action plan for this environment, rather than relying on scattered or uncoordinated tactics that don’t necessarily fit into your institution’s overall capital and margin objectives.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • What kind of strategies and tactics are useful in managing funding in volatile environments
  • Information you would like to have available before making decisions and tools that are useful in putting together plans
  • Typical mistakes that we see institutions make when under pressure to respond

Meet Your Presenter

Darryl Mataya

Senior Consultant
Darryl Mataya is a Senior Advisor at Abrigo, where he manages the deposit and loan pricing services and consults regularly with institutions on funding strategies, pricing analysis, and loan strategies. He has been part of the banking industry since the 1980s, first as a designer and developer of software solutions. Before joining Abrigo,

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