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Expanding PPP Relationships For Long-Term Success

PPP loans have created countless new business customers for banks and credit unions. The challenge now is, how do you convert those loans into full banking relationships? The answer is simple, but the process takes commitment.

In this webinar, Chris Carlson, Managing Director of Core Academy, will provide a process that you can use to convert many of these PPP transactions into lifetime customer relationships.

You will learn:

  • How to secure the initial meeting
  • How the initial meeting creates value for the customer and a roadmap for your relationship
  • How to provide on-going value for the customer while expanding the bank’s relationship

Meet Your Presenter

Chris Carlson

Before becoming a sales and marketing consultant, Chris Carlson spent 20 years in the insurance industry as a Salesperson, Sales Manager and National Sales Director. Since 2003, Chris has worked with banks across the country from large national banks to small community banks.  He specializes in helping these banks grow sales, retain

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