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Loan Pathing: Fast Track Your Decisioning

Presenter: Neill LeCorgne

For financial institutions of any size, every bit of earnings and efficiency helps. However, some institutions might be searching for efficiency gains in the wrong place. In order to exact lasting changes in efficiency, bank and credit union leaders should look into fine-tuning their loan pathing methodology.

Loan pathing is the process of mapping the path of loan applications based on loan scoring characteristics that matter most to the institution. Through loan pathing, financial institutions can fast track the approval of strong loan applications and deny weak applications, leaving time for analysts to focus on the loans with the best chance of maximizing earnings.

Join Neill LeCorgne, Vice President of Banking at Abrigo, as he closely examines loan pathing strategies and details his experiences using the method as the former President and COO of Regent Bank.

You Will Learn:

  • The basic factors involved during loan pathing
  • How to build a loan pathing strategy based on unique factors affecting the portfolio
  • The time-saving and cost-saving benefits of implementing a loan scoring system and loan grading system


Meet Your Presenter

Neill LeCorgne

VP of Banking
Neill LeCorgne is Vice President of Banking at Abrigo and is responsible for working with financial institutions to enhance their operating strategies including improving efficiency in the lending process. Neill has over thirty-three years of experience in the financial industry including eleven years as President and Director of a multi-bank

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