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Qualitative Adjustment In Times of Crisis and Stress (Testing)

In this webinar, intended for public and private institutions that have not yet adopted the forward-looking CECL standard, we discuss our approach to establishing qualitative adjustments as the 6.30.2020 statement date approaches and the full impacts of the pandemic and energy crises are not yet specifically knowable.  By constructing straightforward credit models using available internal and public data, we can perform an estimate to substantiate 6.30.2020 qualitative adjustments (and beyond).  Additionally, those same models can be used to perform a top-down stress testing estimate under a variety of forecasting scenarios.  Finally, those models can be used to inform estimates under the CECL standard so that an institution is prepared to adopt without significant additional effort.

Meet Your Presenters

Garver Moore

Managing Director, Advisory Services
Garver Moore brings a decade of enterprise software, analytic, and advisory experience to Abrigo’s advisory team. Prior to joining Abrigo, Garver was  a Technical Consultant with Accenture, and he later worked with C-suite executives on technology strategy and delivery as a Managing Partner of the Orange Advisory Group. Today, as

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Neekis Hammond, CPA

Managing Director, Advisory Services
Neekis Hammond has amassed a wealth of knowledge on ALLL, CECL preparation and methodologies, and various portfolio analysis and risk topics. Prior to his consulting work, he worked on acquisitions up to $2 billion in size at a multi-billion-dollar financial institution.

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