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The top lending & credit risk blogs of the year

Kate Randazzo
December 22, 2023
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The most-read lending & credit blogs in 2023

Probability of default, CECL model validation, and stress testing were among Abrigo's top blogs on ALM, CECL, and portfolio risk this year. 

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Abrigo's top articles for lenders

The lending & credit blogs banks and credit unions are reading

Construction lending, banking technology and dashboards, and small business lending are hot topics that lending and credit professionals will be tracking in the coming months. Abrigo's blog covered these and other subjects in 35 credit and lending-specific posts this year.

As 2023 winds down, community banks and credit unions have worked hard to attract new customers and members and retain existing ones by streamlining processes and improving the end-user experience. They’ve also focused on managing interest rate risk in a rising rate environment. Those priorities are apparent in the most popular Abrigo lending and credit blog posts for the year. Articles on creating a sound credit risk rating system and preparing for the possibility of new requirements such as the CFPB ruling were among the most-viewed throughout the year.

Here are Abrigo’s 10 top lending and credit risk blogs in 2023.

Click the header next to each number to visit the corresponding top blog post.

Construction loan and delinquency trends in 2023

Construction lending projections look positive according to S&P data from 2022 and 2023.  Smaller banks can be encouraged by these numbers, and S&P Market Intelligence predicts a return to relative construction industry normalcy in 2023. Read this blog for construction delinquency statistics that can help your financial institution better plan and manage their construction loan portfolios.

5 Critical lender dashboards & reports for credit leaders

Having dashboards or banking management reports that show the lending pipeline, pricing trends, emerging risks, workflow bottlenecks, and other factors affecting loan growth can help a bank or credit union stay on top of and adapt quickly to trends. The institution can more easily capitalize on opportunities and avoid unnecessary risk. Ironically, data for making lending and credit decisions for the financial institution can also be one of the toughest assets to harness. Read this blog for five reports that can increase your efficiency and profitability.

5 Critical lender dashboards & reports for credit leaders

Construction loans are unique because they are three-party agreements between borrowers, banks, and construction contractors. In this article, lending and credit risk expert Dev Strischek of Devon Risk Advisory Group outlined the keys to construction loan success. Read the blog for information that can help lenders avoid risk before the project begins by planning ahead at the closing table.

5 Big reasons to go digital with SMB & commercial lending

Many financial institutions used a customer portal for PPP lending due to the sheer volume of customer loan requests and documents flowing to/from the bank and the customer. Then once PPP was over, some went back to our old manual processes and never looked back. But the benefits of automation are a key part of the customer experience. Read this blog for five big reasons to automate SMB/commercial lending now. 

Why banking technology makes sense – recession or not

Seventy percent of leaders from banks, credit unions, and fintechs in late 2022 planned to increase their tech spending in 2023, according to a survey by American Banker parent Arizent.  Of that group, more than three-quarters planned to increase spending by 10% or more, with the top priorities aimed at understanding customers and clients and creating personalized experiences for them efficiently and safely. If your financial institution is considering new banking technology, read this blog for decision-making tips. 

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How to create a sound credit risk rating system

Banks and credit unions often use a standardized risk rating system for internal monitoring of credit risk. Regulators stress the importance of accurate and timely risk ratings, especially during economic uncertainty. Financial institutions should anticipate that credit rating systems and loan grading will receive enhanced emphasis during upcoming exams. This blog outlines the significance of credit risk ratings and regulatory priorities related to credit grading. It also offers guidance for assessing and monitoring credit risks while meeting risk management and compliance goals.

Small banks: Big challenges and big opportunities

Small banks can leapfrog competitors and better serve their communities by combining their unique advantages with smart management and partnerships. In this blog, former banker and Abrigo Director of Client Experience Kent Kirby says community financial institutions need to ensure they aren’t giving customers a reason to leave other than for pricing. Read the blog for ways to foster a relationship that meets the customer’s needs with quick decisions and personal attention.

Interest rate risk management in a rising rate environment

On the surface, rising rates may appear to be the solution to the desired outcome of increasing net interest income after such a long earnings drought. There are many ways institutions can earn more income and mitigate interest rate risk through these periods of rising rates. However, it isn’t as simple as being able to charge higher rates on loans, earn higher rates on the investment portfolio, and call it a day. This blog emphasizes the importance of intentionality when it comes to funding strategies and loan pricing models.

Loan covenants refresher: What, when, why & how

In 2023, Abrigo Director of Advisory Services Kent Kirby and Abrigo Senior Advisor Rob Newberry provided guidance on covenants during the webinar “Demystifying covenants: Who needs them and why." Based on their expertise, this refresher on loan covenants may be helpful as commercial lenders, credit managers, credit risk managers, and others navigate the institution’s push-me-pull-you goals of growing balance sheet liabilities while mitigating rising pressures on credit quality.

The CFPB section 1071 effective date

There may be a long runway to prepare, but it's not too early to get a handle on the CFPB requirements and how they will affect your bank or credit union. With the changes, many financial institutions face the most significant data collection and reporting effort in nearly 50 years. Given this scope, lenders need to begin assessing how and when they will comply. This blog contains important tips for capturing small business loan data, storing it, and reporting it to the CFPB to comply with the required timelines.


Track lending & credit news regularly

Reading blogs about lending and credit regulatory news and risk-mitigation practices regularly is one of the best ways to keep your compliance staff updated on the latest regulations, trends, and tips for managing risk. 

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