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CDD compliance support: Sample flyer for front-line staff

BSA Officers and AML staff can help tellers and other branch staff provide Customer Due Diligence (CDD) compliance support while fostering customer or member relationships. One way to boost staff education and collaboration is to introduce the BSA team to tellers and others so the team isn’t viewed as an unfamiliar department off in a corporate tower. A flyer with team info, a description of what it does, and current tips and trends can create better communication and enhance overall institution compliance.

Use this sample flyer from Abrigo as a template to develop your own material introducing the BSA team to tellers and other branch staff.

If you’d like additional support or training for CDD compliance or your broader BSA program, Abrigo’s financial crime consultants provide AML consulting and program support.

You can also download this Customer Due Diligence checklist to learn more about elements of a strong CDD program.