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Next-Level Money Laundering Detection with Hybrid Threat Finance

Hybrid Threat Finance (HTF) is the study of financial movements and patterns of transnational criminal organizations. Typical detection scenarios do little to detect the real money laundering behavior. Instead they generate high levels of false positive ratios and miss some of the patterns that are indicative of real laundering activity. Precision detection can hone in on the real high-risk behavior within your financial institutions. Training your teams and creating precision detection logic can create a very targeted and effective program for detecting and identifying illicit finance.

Watch to learn:

  • An overview the hybrid threat methodology
  • How to create precision detection scenarios and reduce false positives
  • How to start the journey toward HTF detection

This session is eligible for 1 CAMS and CFCS credit and 1.25 credits for CAFP, CFSSP, and CRCM.

Meet Your Presenter

Debra Geister

Debra Geister has spent 15 years in a leadership role in banking compliance. Her company, Section 2, specializes in identifying and monitoring the techniques, tactics and protocols (TTP) of the hybrid threat organizations that effect our financial systems. In 2014, she launched Navigator Consulting Group, LLC. to help companies focus

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